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Print Your Own Greeting Cards And Save 20%

Print Your Own Greeting Cards And Save 20%

Print Your Own Greeting Cards That Look Oh So Nice! Save 20% on Greeting Cards


It's the most wonderful time of the year! The time to get your greeting cards printed is here! Make your list and check it twice as we make your cards look oh so nice!

As our gift to you Save 20% on greeting cards printed with a variety of festive finishes like raised foil, silk or suede lamination and spot gloss to send holiday cards that make you look like a boss.

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Who Sent The First Greeting Cards?


Exchanging and sending greeting cards is a tradition we keep alive today even as social media, email and electronic gift cards take a bite out of a business that generates a billion dollars annually. When we bring gifts or flowers to our loved ones we typically include a greeting card with a handwritten note.

Part of our gift giving ritual is to open the card first, read that note and then unwrap the gift. The style and quality of the card we choose sends a subtle message of value while setting a humourous, nostalgic or amorous mood. My own mother would always sneak a peek at the back of the cards she received hoping to see the famed "Hallmark" logo on the back, to her and many of her generation that name was synonymous with high quality and added value.

With so many customs surrounding the exchange of greeting cards you might wonder how this all came to be and wonder who sent the first greeting cards.

Depending on which version of history you subscribe to sending messages of goodwill can be traced back to humble beginnings in ancient China, with the tradition of sending New Year greetings to friends and family.


Ancient Greeting Card


If you prefer to walk like an Egyptian the exchange of papyrus rolls marking major milestones and life events would instead mark the start of the written exchange of greeting cards.


Egyptian Greeting Cards


In the 15th century the giving of handmade Saint Valentines cards on February 14th became a tradition in England, although it's origins are based in Roman fertility rituals, the purpose of giving these cards in England was romantic, reflecting a belief in the Middle Ages that birds chose their mates in mid-February and this is why many Valentines cards feature birds. In 15th century Germany woodcut Christmas cards appeared as a way to commemorate the religious holiday with friends and family. These greeting cards were true labours of love as each would be individually handwritten or pressed one by one.


15th Century St. Valentine Card From England

15th Century St. Valentine Card From England


15th Century German Woodcut Christmas Card

15th Century German Woodcut Christmas Card


If you're a stickler for detail and want to know the origins of what we would consider proper greeting cards, those printed on cardstock we travel in time to the mid 1800's when advances in printing and the introduction of postal services brought mass produced greeting cards into the mainstream. It is believed that the very first mass produced Christmas cards were printed in London by Marcus Ward & Co.

Jumping forward in time once again the next leap in the story of greeting card occurs in 1910 when the famed Hallmark Cards was founded by Joyce Clyde Hall whose innovations propelled the company to expand exponentially, even introducing printed wrapping paper. Around 1930 lithography printing technology advanced to allow a relatively cost effective way to manufacture greeting cards in a variety of colors to appeal to the masses. While Christmas cards lead the charge, in the 1940's lines of greeting cards (known as studio cards) with humorous or scandalous subjects became very popular.

As with many products and services the market for greeting cards with a more personal touch has brought us back around to boutique printing of greeting cards in small batches that reflect our own message and artwork. And at Clubcard we are more than happy to bring our 25 years of printing experience to your personal greeting card project, so let's get your work on the press today!

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