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Buddhist Flag stickers are printed with environmentally friendly latex inks weatherproof 3 mil gloss vinyl with a permanent adhesive.

Buddhism flag stickers are perfect for adhering to vehicles, bikes helmets and perfect for your laptop, phone, notebook, coffee mug or whatever you have in mind.

  • Full color on 3mil gloss vinyl
  • Permanent adhesive
  • 5x7" sheet with 1 large sticker @ 6.00 x 3.038"
  • 5x7" sheet with 2 medium stickers @ 4.25 x 2.152”
  • 5x7" sheet with 10 assorted stickers (1 @ 4.25 x 2.152", 2 @ 1.973 x 1.00", 3 @ 1.216 x 0.616" and 4 @ 0.824 x 0.417")

About the Buddhist Flag
The six vertical bands of the flag represent the six colors of the aura which Buddhists believe emanated from the body of the Buddha when he attained Enlightenment

Blue (Nīla): The Spirit of Universal Compassion, Yellow (Pīta): The Middle Way, Red (Lohita): The Blessings of Practice – achievement, wisdom, virtue, fortune and dignity, White (Odāta): The Purity of Dhamma – leading to liberation, timeless, Orange (Manjesta): The Wisdom of the Buddha's teachings.

Buddhist Flag Sticker, Weatherproof Vinyl Buddhism Flag Stickers