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Greeting Card Printing

Greeting Card Printing


Winter is coming and with it the holiday season will be upon us. If you're like us at Clubcard you're looking forward to opening mail full of greeting cards instead of a bills. Sending and receiving Christmas Cards and Holiday Greeting Cards has a nostalgic appeal, fulfilling the tradition of sharing fond memories with our family, friends and the bonds we share.

These personal emotions attached to Greeting Cards are rooted in a long history, the first written greetings of good will date back centuries to the exchange of Chinese New Year cards. Many of our first memories of exchanging cards relates to valentines cards, which first appeared in the early 1400's as handmade notes to sweethearts.



Christmas cards as we know them trace back to the Victorian era London when, in 1843 Sir Henry Cole commissioned an artist to design his a Christmas Card to be commercially printed. The idea of custom printed greeting cards quickly bloomed when the first full line of Christmas Cards that could be purchased by the public was created by Louis Prang, a Boston printer who, without realizing the juxtaposition, gave birth to the 7 billion dollar greeting card industry by celebrating the birth Jesus.

While today's technology and social networks allow us to instantly communicate with friends and family around the globe these instant electronic message lack the tactile feel, physical exchange and feel impersonal to most of us.

Perhaps it is nostalgia, but the element of creating, hand writing a note and sending Greeting Cards gives us a sense of a real and personal connections in this modern age.


We Can Help!

With this in mind we are happy to help guide you through the steps of creating the perfect personal greeting card to send this holiday season. Clubcard offers a variety of standard and custom size cards printed on a large selection card stocks and printing methods.

Yes, it's true that Sir Henry Cole has claim to being the first, but your greeting cards design will most certainly batty-fang old Sir Henry's cards and prove him a foozler, enjoy looking up that Victorian era slang!


Print small quantities of Greeting Cards in just a few days

Greeting Cards

Our digitally printed options are perfect for the unique paper stocks and quick turnaround. And order as few as 25 units, makes these the perfect solution to your holiday card panic.

Our Digitally Printed Greeting Cards Include:
Coated 1 Side Greeting Cards 18pt
Epic Black Greeting Cards 15pt
Coated Both Sides Greeting Cards 12pt
Natural Kraft Greeting Cards 12pt
Coated 1 Side Greeting Cards 12pt


Print large quantities of Greeting Cards with special finishes:

Greeting Cards - Special Finishes

When special finishes or large quantities are the ticket, Clubcard's Offset Printed Greeting Cards are chalk full of options. With options like Spot Gloss, Foil Effects, High Gloss Coatings and more - they take longer, but its worth it!

Our Offset Printed Greeting Cards Include:
Foil Effects Greeting Cards 16pt
Silk Laminated Greeting Cards 19pt
Spot Gloss Greeting Cards 14pt
Coated Greeting Cards 14pt
Uncoated Greeting Cards 14pt


And don't forget the Envelopes!


We carry several different stocks of blank envelopes to fit our standard size greeting cards. Get ones that match your design to complete the greeting card package. Its the first thing your clients see when holding your cards in their hands.

We offer the following blank envelopes:
Desert Storm Uncoated Envelopes 60lb


Create your own line of Greeting Cards

Are you ready to launch your own line of Greeting Cards? Let's start a conversation - ask us for with a Custom Estimate and lets get started!

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