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Non-Profit Discount Program

Clubcard is proud of our community and likes to support it when we can. Registered non-profit organizations get a special discount from Clubcard.

  • • We offer qualified registered non-profits a 15% discount on almost all of our products

  • • Cannot be combined with other discounts.

  • • Certain services and products we offer at Clubcard are not eligible for further discounts including graphic design services, economy street poster printing and letterpress printing.

  • • Custom estimate projects are quoted at the best price with your non-profit discount already applied and are not eligible for further discount.

Register Your Organization An A Non-Profit 

To qualify, you must be a registered non-profit and provide your non-profit number.

Once you submit your completed registration request, we will review it to confirm your account is eligible. Once setup, you will receive a 15% discount when ordering standard items.

Placing Standard Orders

Orders that will be given a non-profit discount must be managed directly and only by you and ordered online at where you can place orders, upload your artwork and securely pay for your order. You will see your 15% discount in the cart summary of your order.

Custom Estimate Orders

For items that are not listed online, please complete a custom estimate request. We will provide a quote for your approval and, when ready, we will place the order in your cart for you to upload your artwork and securely pay for your order. Custom Estimate Projects are not eligible for further discounts


All orders placed with Clubcard require prepayment in full by the non-profit. Non-profit organizations must not allow client or third party access to their accounts to place orders or use client supplied or third party payment on orders.