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Luxury, Do You Have It?

Luxury, Do You Have It?

Image from the instant classic Direct TV Ad "Opulence I Has It" copyright Direct TV

You don't have to be a Russian oligarch to appreciate these most luxurious items printed at Clubcard in 2017 in fact we've never printed for a Russian oligarch. That's our story and we're sticking to it!
Whether you're looking to be ensconced in the velvety softness of suede laminated cards, expressing your artisanal bohemian side or impressing with the same type of letterpress cards carried by royalty, we have something to send you off in style.

We invite you to sit back, poor a glass of Chateau Margaux 1787 and peruse the finery of the Top 10 Most Luxurious Products of 2017.


Hand-made by true print artists, letterpress cards feel and look incredible. Stamped with foils and printed with custom pantone inks with deep impressions, letterpress cards make the most elegant business cards, unique hang tags and of course, wedding invitations.

These captivating letterpress hang tags are printed on soft cotton lettra 21pt with blind embossing expressing their message with elegance. We love these hang tags for too much.

Letterpress Cards


Incredibly thick, color core cards have an innovative layered construction that exposes an eye-catching bold stripe of color on every edge of your cards. And if that isn't dramatic enough, you can add luxurious finishing options like foil stamping, spot gloss and custom die cutting.

Color Core Cards


Suede Laminated Cards

Upgrade to velvety-soft suede laminated cards and your cards will speak pure luxury. Printed in full color, suede laminated cards feel so soft to the touch, engaging everyone with your message. Further enhance your cards by adding a spot gloss, creating high gloss effects on top of the supple suede lamination.

Suede Laminated Cards


The stylish alternative to the typical banner stand also expresses your commitment to the environment. Bamboo X-stands are made from 90% renewable resources, primarily of the fastest growing plant on the planet. So "Go Green" and make an impact at your next trade show, special event or store promotion with these attractive bamboo X-stands.

To order, ask us for a custom quote!


Elevate the elegance of your card project with thick 24pt stipple card stock. Printed in full color with incredible quality, stipple cards have a subtle, pebbled texture on the surface adding a sophisticated tactile feeling. Incredible stipple postcard example by Inform Interiors.

Stipple Cards


Chipboard Cards

One of our signature high-end products also is one of our most popular, probably because of the inherent inconsistencies and unique texture of each chipboard card, sought after by many of our clients. Evoking a hand crafted feel and made of 100% recycled post consumer content, chipboard cards are printed in full color with optional spot white ink to add to the dimension of your artwork.

This postcard example by Pizzeria Prima Strada illustrates how to effectively use white ink with their full color artwork. Truly, these chipboard cards look delicious.

Chipboard Cards


Foil Effects Cards

Increase the luxury level of your cards with foil effects, a dramatic way of printing full color artwork on top of a metallic layer that creates unlimited foil colors, instead of just one. Create eye-catching foil effects to any elements in your artwork including photographs, logos or even full backgrounds.

What a wonderful foil effects business card example by Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny

Foil Effects Cards


Pure black cards have a dramatic and strong elegance. Elevate your cards to epic levels of sophistication on Neenah Paper's Classic Crest Epic Black uncoated 15pt card stock printed in full color plus optional white ink. Yes, it's pure black card stock...say goodbye to white edges! Business card example by Nikki Simpson of Sharp Aesthetic.

Black Cards


Clear Stickers

Custom packaging makes all the difference. Even farm eggs look upgraded and more elegant with these clear standard shape stickers.

Clear Stickers


Shape your own identity and brand your message with custom shaped die cut cards. Printed in full color then silk laminated to ensure extra durability and superior cut quality. Increase even more interest in your cards with spot gloss and foil stamping.

Incognito created these huge foil stamped die cut cards that are incredible, irresistible and collectible! Branding at its best!

Die Cut Cards

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