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Soft Touch Laminated Cards 20pt

20 point thick soft touch laminated cards have a pleasant velvet-like feel that entices the senses. Soft touch lamination is highly sought after for high end packaging and book covers, and now you can choose this finish for your business cards, postcards, hang tags, and even bookmarks and rack cards.


20pt soft touch cards have a subtle, matte appearance with subdued colors, providing an elegant and understated appearance for your cards. 


Clubcard prints soft touch laminated cards in CMYK full color on a Hewlett Packard Indigo printing press with layer of soft touch lamination on each side. We suggest Indigo printing for projects that require color consistency on multiple card orders and future reorders.


Soft touch laminated cards exude the luxury your name and brand represents.

  • Soft Touch Laminated Large Cards 20pt

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    Print luxurious large cards on 20pt soft touch laminated card stock with a surface that feels like velvet. Large cards are printed in sizes from 6"...

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