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Build A Loyal Team Fanbase With Swag + Merch

Build A Loyal Team Fanbase With Swag + Merch

Build A Loyal Team Fanbase With Swag + Merch


Humans love a good bonding experience, we are social by nature and for the most part we like to be considered part of a group. Sports teams and sports events offer a rare opportunity for people of diverse experiences to pull together for a common cause and connect as humans working towards a shared goal. No matter what turmoil there may be in our lives, cheering on a sports team provides a welcome distraction from our daily routine as we become part of something bigger than ourselves.


Marketing for sports teams is all about engaging and building a loyal fanbase and building additional revenue streams for your team. Merchandising is a vital part of the business of modern sport and fundamental in building loyalty with fans who want to show the world they are part of your team. Clubcard Printing has 25 years of experience helping teams build a loyal fanbase. We are here to help you create high quality, high demand garments and merchandise as well as professionally printed special event marketing materials.


Team Logo Stickers
Team Tattoos
Team Trading Card Sets
Team Tote Bags
Special Event Banners
Special Event Signs
Team + Player Posters
Team Calendars


Make Great Merch With Help From Our Design team.

Clubcard's team of in-house graphic designers bring 25 years of branding and printing experience to every project, you can trust us to make your merch fly off your displays. From logo development to apparel and swag design we are here to help.


Logo Design Case Study

Here is a Logo Design Case Study for a client in the San Francisco Bay Area that shows the design process.


The main goal was to communicate the idea of building bridges between the many and varied groups that make up the community that spans the bay and joins together by crossing bridges. The initial start was done with the sketchpad it’s the best way to create a visual space where ideas can be manipulated and subjected to the immediacy of unrestricted thoughts. As the concepts develop and ideas are solidified it becomes time for computer work to begin.


We start all work in black and white gives the client the chance to focus on the form and ideas within the logo without being distracted. The very last step is to bring in some color; it’s a detail that can easily be changed once the icons themselves are solidified.


What do you think of this process and the final logo? Leave you thought below or share it on social media.


Get your Logo created or made over by our design team, we're ready to go coach, just complete this custom quote request.


Logo Design Case Study


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